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13 Luglio 2020

Activity 1: March/April 2019 – Let’s Network!

The initial networking activity among territorial key stakeholders in Italy and Hungary has seen an active role of Cento Municipality as promoter of the preparatory actions for the core phases of the project, that is, selection, mobility and follow up of two students and the renewal and thematic reinforcement of the European twinning between the municipality of Cento and Székesfehérvár Hungary.

We commonly defined selection criteria for young people to be selected for European mobility. Three meetings in March and April 2019 with Centoform, Vocational training center in charge of the IFTS Regional Mechanical Designer course, FUTURA scarl, training body in charge of the IEFP course for Technician in maintenance and management of automated systems. Via skype we coordindate with the Hungarian Municipality to identify the hosting company for young people ( and accommodation logistics.

We created an international section dedicated to the project, in English, on the Civic Network of the Municipality of Cento to be fed over time with collection of images and technical documents of the project. The role of the Emilia Romagna Region as funder of the initiative and promoter of intervention policies for internationalization was immediately highlighted.


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